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New Beginnings

Scholarship Fund

for Unhoused Youth

in San Diego

About Us

San Diego County is home to one of the largest homeless and unhoused populations in the United States. This includes 20,000 children and youth in public schools all across the county (SDCOE, 2022).

The New Beginnings Scholarship Fund for Unhoused Youth in San Diego was established in 2023 to help address the problem of homelessness in our communities.  Unhoused is defined as the lack of a fixed, permanent residence including living in shared housing, shelters, hotels and motels, public spaces, cars, and the streets for brief or ongoing periods of time.  

Complex social problems require a variety of solutions.


Supporting access to continuing education beyond high school can help unhoused youth break the cycle of poverty and homelessness for future generations

and set them on the path toward a brighter future.


What We Do

We award $5,000 scholarships for continuing education programs to high school students impacted by homelessness


The San Diego Foundation

The New Beginnings Scholarship Fund for Unhoused Youth

program is supported through a donor advised fund held by

The San Diego Foundation. Donations are tax-deductible through SDF.


Help us raise $10,000 by December 31st to receive a $10,000 match from the 

Lucky Duck Foundation

Our Team

The New Beginnings Scholarship Fund Advisory Council

Founding Donors
Special thanks to the following individuals who donated to the capital campaign to open the fund at The San Diego Foundation  


Paula Medeiros/Regan Wiese


Evan Tando - ANR Finance + Real Estate


Jennifer Weck


Julie Cegelski

David Cole

Joe Musgrove - San Diego Padres

Anne Rauch

David Weck - WeckMethod


Megan Luce

Jessica Wilkinson


Meg Caswell

Mike Hogan - Fundraisers Only

Zaina Van Loan

Up to $100

Bob & Rachel Anderson

Ken Barclay

Jill Chiodini

Jessica Codallos

Camille De Frank

Chris Erickson

Jack Fernandes

Martha Gambala

Leslie Garrett

Brianne Ice

Michelle Kohler

Megan Leer

Lauren Litteken

Mark Morien

Jennifer Parga

Mary Ramenofsky

Arielle Sykes

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